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Come dine with me

Cain Webb with Sally Jones using Obi Eater
Being able to eat independently is an essential skill that many National Star students wish to master.

Now thanks to a generous £5,500 grant from the Morrisons Foundation, we have been able to purchase a revolutionary robotic dining companion that will help students develop these skills.

The Obi robotic device will help students to feed themselves through the simple touch of an accessible switch. Students can select between four compartments of food and control when the food is captured and delivered to their mouth, making their own choices about what they eat.

Cain, pictured with his occupational therapist Sally Jones, is the first of around 10 students who are benefitting from using the Obi device. It is hoped that over time, an increasing number of students will be able to access the Obi and develop their dining confidence.

The Obi robotic feeding device is fully portable and can be taken to cafés and restaurants so that National Star students, like other young people, can enjoy a meal out with family and friends.

Suzanne Pollard, Head of Occupational Therapy at National Star, said: ‘State–of–the–art equipment, like the Obi robotic feeding device, often come with a heavy price tag. Without our generous supporters, we cannot invest in therapeutic services that will enhance the lives of students.’

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