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It’s good to talk

Teamwork in action with Chloe and Amber
Throughout the lockdowns, National Star staff have found innovative ways to keep students and residents connected with their peers, their families and the wider world.

Staff support residential students and long–term residents to stay in touch with family through regular Skype and Zoom calls.

When student Tom, a residential student who lives with his peers at the Shortwood residence at Ullenwood, had to shield at home because of his health, the residential team included him in the weekly residence meetings via Microsoft Teams.

‘Tom really struggled being at home, so being able to be part of the Thursday residence meeting and to communicate with everyone meant the world to him,’ said his dad Stephen. ‘The contact with National Star staff throughout has been phenomenal.’

Online learning and therapy sessions are provided for vulnerable students who are shielding at home. Not only do students interact with their peers in the classroom, but online sessions are done at break times so that young people can chat with each other.

A Steps into Work student, who was off due to ill health, made friends online with a new classmate. That friendship made a huge difference to her as it made her feel less anxious when she was well enough to return to class.

Two Skills for Work students demonstrated their communication skills when one directed the other on the process of how to print a mug via an online camera.

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