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Our virtual world

Students enjoying a virtual Samba drumming session
Many of us have become familiar with doing things virtually during the pandemic, and National Star students are no exception.

Whether it’s virtual games of bowls with friends, online lessons or keeping in touch with loved ones through video chats, we have all learned to adapt and embrace our virtual world.

A highlight for many of our students has been virtual Samba Drumming workshops with Olá Samba, which has brought the joy of making music to everyone, whether they are at college, being barrier nursed within their National Star residence, shielding or self–isolating at home.

The twice–weekly sessions have been delivered by David from Olá Samba using Zoom. Large screens with a webcam have been set up in several areas across National Star to support the workshops, whilst smaller venues and those at home have accessed the sessions on their computers, laptops or tablets. As well as traditional Samba, sessions include Samba Reggae, Hip Hop and Sambhangra, using hand drums, low drums, shakers and bells.

Those in residences or at home have been joining in using percussion ‘instruments’ easily found around the home, such as colanders, washing up bowls and buckets. The sessions are not only huge fun but help students to develop their confidence, listening and teamwork skills, and learn about sharing, taking turns and making choices.

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