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We love the outdoors

Lucy keeping fit and active on one of the new swings installed at Ullenwood
Keeping fit and active has been vital in maintaining mental and physical wellbeing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Our fundraising has been hit hard, and we lost thousands of pounds when we were forced to cancel or postpone a number of fundraising events and income generation activities. In addition, we have invested heavily in making our organisation coronavirus safe. As a result, we’ve been less able to buy specialist equipment to benefit students and residents.

That’s why we’re incredibly grateful to all our supporters who have enabled us to buy some of this much–needed equipment which will be used to support our students in their therapy and sports sessions.

An important factor has been the need to provide the right environments for students to exercise safely outdoors as part of our infection control measures. We are busy enhancing our outdoor spaces to support this, and have installed a basket swing, a trampoline, and an all-weather playing surface at our Ullenwood campus.

We will also be creating an outdoor gym with accessible equipment at Ullenwood, and installing a basket swing at Bradbury Gardens, our Cheltenham residence.

‘Opportunities for students and residents to exercise in the community are limited due to the pandemic. The risks of infection spread is significantly reduced outside and the opportunity to exercise in the fresh air is something many students will cherish,’ said Verity Fisher, Physiotherapy Manager.

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