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Dancing for joy with student trial

Student Jack has walked outdoors for the first time and hopes to dance at his wedding thanks to an innovative piece of equipment called the Mollii Suit, which helps with body tone.

Jack, who has cerebral palsy, is one of seven National Star students who have been chosen to take part in a trial of the special full body suit which can stimulate and relax muscles to address the imbalances caused by neurological conditions.

The Exopulse Mollii Suit is worn for just one hour, with its impact lasting for up to 48 hours. All the students taking part in the trial are already showing promising changes in the control of their movements.

Improvements were seen in gait for those that were walking whilst others reported reduced pain, ease in using an eye gaze AAC communicator and also functional gains in terms of bed mobility and the improved use of upper limbs.

It is thanks to the excellent reputation that our physiotherapists have in the field of neurological physiotherapy that the students were given the opportunity to trial the suits.

Before trialling the suit Jack said he felt like he couldn’t control many of his movements, especially his right hand.

Jack is so excited to have been selected to take part in the trial and is already seeing huge changes to his body tone as a result. He said: ‘I hope the suit will make me less tired so that I can walk to my class. My girl Bethan is my huckleberry and I want to dance at our wedding on our own,’ said Jack.

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