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Student excitement mounts for new accommodation

Student Union members and Speller Metcalfe staff smiling

Members of National Star’s 10–strong Student Union were given VIP access to the construction site at Ullenwood so they could have a sneak peek of progress being made on–site.

Construction work started on the new specialist residential accommodation in July last year and within a few short months the new buildings began to take shape.

Students were able to see that windows have been fitted, electrical work installed and rooms plastered as contractors Speller Metcalfe continue to make progress on the development.

The wide corridors make the building easy to navigate for students using large electric wheelchairs and there was a sense of excitement in the air as the students visited each room in turn, chatting to the construction team and enthusiastically asking questions about what was next in terms of finishing the project.

Sustainability has played a key role in the development of the accommodation. The sedum roof is now in place, as well as the energy efficient heating and a means to harvest rainwater for irrigation of the area around the site. Solar panels will also be installed as the project nears completion.

Students have been fully consulted on the interior design features of the new accommodation, choosing the colour palette for soft furnishings and communal areas.

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