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Giving students a voice

Student Leo smiling with his AAC device

National Star’s innovative project to help young people find their voices has received a major boost.

The Find My Voice project was awarded £11,700 from The Sun Readers’ Fund. The money will help pay for at least five new customised voices for students who use electronic devices to communicate.

Leo Carstensen, a second-year student at National Star, can’t wait to have his own unique voice.

‘The voice I have on my AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) device is very robotic and doesn’t sound anything like my friends or my family,’ said Leo.

‘I am 19-years-old but the voice I have on my device makes me sound like an old man. I don’t like it and I want to sound like someone my age.

‘With my new voice I would feel more confident ordering food in a restaurant, or telling jokes to my friends. I would really like to get a voice from someone my age from High Wycombe.’

National Star launched the Find My Voice project in response to students wanting more appropriate electronic voices. There are very few age-appropriate regional voices available.

Many families cannot afford to pay for a customised voice. National Star established the Technology Fund, which helps students find suitable voice donors and record the new voice.

Watch a video of former National Star student Jason using his new customised voice on YouTube below.

Help us provide the specialist equipment our students need to learn, live and communicate by supporting our Technology Fund.

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