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I have found my voice

Molly Martin smiling with her thumbs up with Christmas ornaments in the background

When Molly Martin started at National Star, she was painfully shy. She was hesitant to share her opinions and had no experience of working with multiple staff or directing her own care.

‘I knew what I wanted to achieve, but my lack of confidence was the barrier that held me back. I hadn’t had any experience like Star before,’ said Molly, who was born with cerebral palsy.

Thanks to the support of our multi–disciplinary team, Molly’s confidence began to grow.

‘I remember doing it all gradually, taking it step by step. I could always go and talk to anyone in my team if I had a problem, or if I just wanted to chat. I learned how to manage my anxieties.’

During her three years at National Star, Molly was supported to develop vital skills for independence. Her transition to life after college was planned from day one, and staff helped her to work towards her goals and aspirations.

‘In my residence I learned how to manage my care and tell the staff around me what I needed. I learned how to communicate with other students. Travel training helped with my anxieties out in the community, and gave me the confidence to use public transport. These are skills I will carry on forever now.’

Molly became an active member of the Student Union and she represented student voice at governor and parent forums. She also participated in a number of marketing projects that saw her star on television and radio. She successfully completed a BTEC Level 1 Introductory Certificate in Art and Design.

Molly’s positivity and perseverance saw her become a popular and inspirational role model to her peers, and it was no surprise when she won the Student Making a Difference Award at National Star’s graduation ceremony in July. Molly prepared a short speech for the event and shared how National Star had changed her life. 

‘I am incredibly grateful to Star for helping me to gain independence in the areas I struggled with. I’ve made friends for life and memories I will look back on years from now. Being able to say yes, I did that, with immense pride,’ said Molly.

Now Molly is living independently in Cheltenham and attending a ‘get creative’ course at Gloucestershire College. Her goal is to work in theatre in costume design.

‘When I joined National Star I’d just come out of a difficult period in my life. I never imagined I would achieve so much there.

‘I’m now a happy, confident, independent woman who has found her voice.’

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