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Drumming a happy beat

Henry smiling with drum sticks and drum

National Star students have been rocking out and making music as part of a new drumming workshop.

The sessions, which are led by professional drummer Oscar Stone from Inspire Drums, take place once a week as part of a ten–week programme. Within small groups, 18 students have been learning how to play a drum kit along to rock and pop music, and work as a team to make group sounds.

Within sessions students are able to improve their coordination, develop a sense of rhythm as they follow the natural beat of the songs and enjoy a physical workout. They also have their own personalised targets and goals to work towards.

‘This opportunity has enabled students to express themselves creatively and physically,’ said Paul Tarling, Enrichment and Community Engagement Coordinator at National Star.

‘They are learning to play the drums but also playing to learn and develop a host of other skills. After just a few weeks, students are showing more confidence and are connecting with each other more comfortably. It’s fun. It’s exhilarating. And it’s loud!’

Third–year student Henry has loved experiencing the instant results of his playing, especially when it’s along to his favourites by Metallica and Nickleback.

‘I look forward to coming here,’ said Henry. ‘I love playing.’

National Star harnesses the power of music to enable students to develop in different areas, from increasing their range of communication to improving their mobility and supporting their psychological wellbeing.

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