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Learning that maximises potential

Maximising potential
Every learner at National Star is unique, which is why each one of them has their own personal learning programme.

Our aim is to enable young people with disabilities to develop the skills to make informed choices and decisions that affect their life, whether that is employment, where to live, taking control of their own personal care or being able to express simple choices – such as what to eat – which many of us take for granted.

Before many of our complex learners can make those choices, they need the knowledge which doesn’t come from textbooks and study but through a variety of experiences.

That enables learners, especially those with very complex needs, to develop awareness – first of themselves, then of others, which is key to quality of life potential and becoming an active member of the community.

These experiences enable learners to develop their interests in depth to discover skills and talents and to simply identify activities they enjoy.

Wrapped around those experiences are National Star’s teams of specialist care, therapy and support staff. Our therapists come to the learners, and more than 80% of therapies are delivered in the learning context with therapists working side by side with the learners and their support teams.

‘Our task is to enable young people to make life choices,’ explains Pauline Bayliss-Jones, Assistant Principal.

‘For one young man that meant learning to communicate yes or no through blinking. That enabled him to clearly communicate where he wanted to live when he left National Star. For him that was a life-changing decision.’

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Find out more about National Star’s learning programmes or contact the Admissions team at or on 01242 534928.

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