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Then: National Star in 1967

Then: National Star in 1967
The first day

National Star, then known as The Star Centre, opens on 10 May 1967.

Number of students

10 from across the UK. In the next 12 months that number grows to 40.


Ullenwood, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.


The Manor building, adjoining stable block and outbuildings. The Manor is used as a residence – with four students to a room – for classes and for leisure.

What it offers

Residential courses and vocational support enable young people with disabilities to gain skills which improve employability to support greater independence.

Range of disabilities

It supports students with a wide range of disabilities, including cerebral palsy, polio, spina bifida, brain injury and learning disabilities.

Specialist support

Students learn mathematics, English, social studies, typing (described as a ‘useful therapy and an important means of communication’), craft work and cookery. Physiotherapy provision is offered in the form of sport, such as hiking, weight lifting, riding and swimming. Occupational therapy and speech therapy is also provided.

Find out more

Explore the fascinating history of National Star and discover how we’ve been realising the aspirations of people with disabilities for 50 incredible years.

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