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100–year–old Sadie makes a splash at National Star

The last time centenarian Sadie Knight went swimming Margaret Thatcher had just become Prime Minister and art historian Anthony Blunt was revealed as the fourth man of the Cambridge Five double agents.

But in June the 100–year–old’s wish to get back into the water came true, thanks to National Star and our team of amazing physiotherapists. And while she might not swim quite as fast as she used to, Sadie said it was ‘beautiful’ to be back in the water.

Sadie, who lives at Oakhaven Residential Care Home in Cheltenham, was asked by staff for a wish she wanted to come true as part of their Wishing Tree project. Sadie’s first answer was for world peace. As that was a bit ambitious, she was asked for a rather more realistic wish and Sadie didn’t hesitate – it was to go swimming.

Sadie, who has lived through two world wars, has always been a keen swimmer. She and her husband swam every day. However, the last time she had been swimming was more than 30 years ago.

Sadie bought a new swimming costume for the occasion, and was supported by National Star physiotherapist Kerry Richardson as she took a dip in our aquatherapy pool.

Sadie said of the experience, ‘It was lovely, just beautiful. I can’t walk a lot now and to go swimming was such a sense of freedom.’

What’s next on Sadie’s list? ‘Well, I’d like to go up in an airplane if they would let me fly.’

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