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HandyClix: a one-handed lap belt

Handy Clix
HandyClix is a one–handed wheelchair lap belt that increases the independence of people who have the use of one hand.

The brainchild of Mary Burton, a physiotherapist at National Star, the product’s unique static arm and magnetic coupling design enables users with limited motor control and physical strength to attach and release their lap belt independently. This removes the need for additional support, which can be intrusive and impersonal.

To achieve the right design and manufacturing process, HandyClix was tested with learners at National Star College who have different levels of hand function – from tremors and lack of dexterity to uncoordinated motor control.

In 2015 HandyClix became a finalist for Nesta’s Inclusive Technology Prize, and National Star is now working with Safety Belt Solutions to build a prototype. HandyClix will provisionally be available to purchase in 2017.

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For more information about HandyClix please contact David Finch, Director of College Development, on

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