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Mum walks 30 miles to help make Hereford’s garden grow

Alison and David Sheppard

A mum and her son walked 30 miles to raise money towards building an educational garden for young people who want to feel the sun on their faces and have space to grow.

Alison and John Sheppard, who live in Bridstow, Ross–on–Wye, fought long and hard to ensure their eldest son David, who has complex disabilities, continued his education when he left school.

David’s disabilities were noticed when he was seven months old. He was diagnosed with epilepsy and autism, and, when he was 11, cerebral palsy. His parents were told he would never walk or talk. Today, now 22 and studying at National Star at Hereford, David does both.

Alison said, ‘National Star has transformed him. He’s a different boy, he never stops improving. I’ve never set boundaries for David, nor do they.’

In September 2015 our Hereford provision moved to larger premises, and £25,000 is now needed to transform the outdoor area into a vibrant learning environment. Alison is committed to helping us hit the target, and in July she and David’s brother Michael undertook a sponsored walk between National Star’s Foundation House in Gloucester and National Star at Hereford. The 30–mile challenge raised over £1,200.

Alison believes that Hereford’s garden will be a special place for the learners.

‘When young people like David are outside they can wander and be free. David loves to be free.’

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To donate to National Star at Hereford’s Outdoor Area Appeal please phone our Fundraising team on 01242 524478, email them at or donate online by clicking here. You can find out more about National Star at Hereford by clicking here.

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