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National Star launches in Wales

National Star Launches in Wales

National Star is launching a new education centre in Wales. The centre, based in Mamhilad, Torfaen, opens in September and will offer a day education programme and supported internships.

The expansion follows National Star’s successful development of an outreach service in Hereford.

‘This is an historic moment for National Star as it sees us taking our expertise into the heart of communities,’ said David Ellis, National Star’s Chief Executive.

It will be an added provision to what is offered at National Star’s base at Ullenwood. Only the Cheltenham centre offers residential–based learning.

‘Research shows us that the learning is more holistic, deeper and lasts far longer when it happens in a residential setting,’ said Mr Ellis.

‘But the move to devolve funding for young people with disabilities and learning difficulties to local authorities and the financial challenges those authorities face meant that we also wanted to provide a local offer where appropriate to needs.

‘More importantly we want to ensure parents and young people in Wales have that range of choice that some of our learners already have.’

The Welsh programme will reflect the rich and diverse Welsh culture and heritage.

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To find out more about National Star in Wales click here or get in touch our Admissions team on 01242 534928 / 01242 527631 or

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