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15 year dream comes true with Supported Internship​

15 year dream comes true

Gavin Higgins always wanted to work but he never thought he would find an employer who would want him.

Then he signed up for National Star’s Steps into Work Supported Internships at EDF Energy. Now the 31–year–old from Cheltenham has a paid job as an administration assistant and is loving every minute of it.

Gavin, who has a visual impairment and cerebral palsy, said the difference was that he had on–the–job support which enabled him to understand the tasks he had to do.

‘It feels fantastic that when someone asks “Where do you work Gavin?” I can answer,’ he said. ‘Since I was 16 I wanted to work. It’s taken me 15 years but now I’ve done it. When you find the right people who understand your needs, you can’t go wrong.’

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Find out more about our Steps into Work Supported Internships or get in touch to arrange a meeting at or on 07837 555329.

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