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Morgan takes trip of a lifetime after college

Morgan takes trip of a lifetime after college

Former National Star learner Morgan Jones has returned from a trip of a lifetime after college – a month of travelling from Singapore to Australia. Hundreds of young people applied for the expedition run by the Journey of Lifetime Trust.

Morgan, who uses a power wheelchair, went through a long selection process to be one of the 18 travellers. He explored jungles, coral reefs and volcanoes, learned to surf and went in search of Komodo dragons.

Millions of viewers got to know Morgan in BBC Three’s The Unbreakables, a series about the young people at National Star. He admits he would never have had the confidence to go on this trip if he hadn’t attended National Star.

The life skills as well as the physiotherapy he received at National Star now means that Morgan can live the independent life he so wanted.

Back home in Wales, Morgan has moved into his own flat and is loving it. ‘It’s just me in the flat and I’ve got carers coming in the morning and at night.’

He works as a volunteer administration assistant two days a week at the IT department of the local authority. He travels back and forth to work independently. ‘The people are good there and it’s good to have something that gets me out of the house. I don’t want to be sitting around doing nothing,’ he said.

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