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New StarBistro chef inspires in the kitchen

New StarBistro chef inspires in the kitchen
Joe Parke, the new StarBistro chef at Ullenwood, has always loved cooking.

He got his first job as a pot washer in a restaurant at the age of 12. Now he is inspiring in the kitchen and passing on his experience to National Star’s learners. ‘If I can inspire one of them to go on and get paid work in the kitchen I’d be thrilled.’

Through working at StarBistro learners experience a real work environment where they can develop their confidence, improve communication skills and learn to work as part of a team.

Joe works closely with the learners to support them to develop these skills, and it is a role which he relishes.

He tells a story of how he watched one of National Star’s learners show a teenager on work experience what to do. ‘I just stood and watched. It was fantastic to see that what I had taught Billy he was now passing on. It shows that I am doing my job properly.’

‘It’s great to pass on my knowledge as well as the autonomy to be able to do something unique with our food,’ he said.

‘You need to work with them side by side and show them step by step what to do. These young people are here to learn and it’s great to pass on my tips and tricks and help them develop.’

Brought up in the Forest of Dean, where he now lives with his own family, Joe is passionate about local and seasonal produce, so StarBistro’s menu changes monthly to make the most of what is on offer.

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