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Speech and Language Therapy helps Conor find his voice

Speech and Language Therapy helps Conor find his voice

Conor Deane hasn’t been at National Star very long, but he is already settling in and making progress with his communication.

‘He’s growing in confidence and is becoming more engaged in his activities,’ said Lois Thomson, Speech and Language Therapist at National Star.

Conor uses some sign language and will be working with Lois over his three years at National Star to increase his communication skills.

‘We are working with Conor to develop his use of signs, symbols and a communication device to enable him to make choices and interact with others,’ said Lois. ‘We are supporting Conor to find out what method of communication will work best for him.

‘It would be fantastic if Conor was able to ask for a drink when he wanted it, rather than waiting for someone to offer it. Communication is so important to help him develop his independence.’

His mother Catriona says the possibility of Conor developing his communication skills was one of the reasons they felt National Star was the best place for 19–year–old Conor.

‘I’d love Conor to be able to talk to me,’ she said. ‘That’s what sold National Star to me. There’s a lot more going on in Conor’s head than he can get out to us.’

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This Christmas, you can help give a young person like Conor the freedom of choice so many of us take for granted. Please give as generously as you can and together we can make a real and lasting difference.Find out more about Speech and Language Therapy at National Star or get in touch with our Admissions team at or on 01242 534928 / 01242 527631.

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