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Caroline’s world is growing

Caroline’s world is growing
For most people, eating different foods is not a big deal, but for someone with autism, even the slightest change to a routine can have a serious impact on their world.

So for Caroline, the fact that she now has a varied diet and is able to eat a roast dinner is a huge achievement, says Hannah Parker, one of the care team at Bradbury Gardens, National Star’s long-term accommodation in Cheltenham.

Before starting at National Star College Caroline faced spending the rest of her life in a secure unit because of the risk she posed to herself and others.

Caroline’s ability to process the world around her is affected by her autism. When she becomes anxious or distressed she can become aggressive.

Once at National Star it became clear that managing Carolineʼs environment was key to helping her manage her anxiety. The team ‘built’ Caroline her own flat and a small group of staff worked with her.

From the flat, the team were able to slowly introduce Caroline to new environments, challenging and extending her learning and tolerance of new settings. She participated in college classes and social activities.

Caroline’s development continues at Bradbury Gardens. She now interacts with staff and is able to communicate to them when something is wrong. She is able to better manage her anxiety and moderate her behaviour.

Her routines are changed slowly to introduce Caroline to different activities. She now does her own shopping, goes horse riding, eats out and is learning to do some housework and cooking.

‘Caroline is so happy at Bradbury Gardens, which is so much her home now. The team do all the things with her that she needs and that she enjoys. National Star has transformed her life,’ said Caroline’s parents, Nick and Sally.

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