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Kathleen’s flying high after charity skydive

Kathleen’s flying high after charity skydive
A great-grandmother celebrated her 85th birthday by skydiving from 10,000 feet in aid of National Star.

Kathleen Ellerker undertook the tandem skydive in July 2017. It wasn’t the first time she had taken on a big challenge for a good cause. When she was 62, Kathleen did a loop the loop in a bi-plane, and another when she was 72. Her first skydive was two years ago.

Kathleen knew all about National Star thanks to her daughter Lillian, who works at the charity as an administrator.

‘I was so happy to do this for National Star, they do such marvellous work,’ says Kathleen. ‘I feel humbled to have done this for them – they deserve every penny.’

Kathleen jumped with four members of staff from Severn Vale Housing in Tewkesbury – Penny Williams, Kayure Patel, Kate Routledge and Jo Mitchell.

Kathleen raised over £1,200, while the Severn Vale Housing team raised £2,259.

‘It was an unforgettable day. I didn’t feel any fear. It’s a wonderful, wonderful feeling, floating like a bird,’ Kathleen adds.

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Our next skydive will take place in Swindon on Saturday 28 April 2018. Find out more and register.

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