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My first year at National Star, by Abbie

My first year at National Star, by Abbie
My first year at National Star College was amazing. I really enjoyed it and learned so much. I have had such a great time learning new skills and trying out new experiences, such as hydrotherapy every week and just being able to have regular therapy sessions.

However, it took nearly three to four months to get the funding through from the borough as they weren’t offering to pay for me to go to college. I did a three-day taster last year at National Star and decided that I really enjoyed it and wanted to go full-time.

My parents and I put in my application and I was accepted into the college. However, when we applied for my funding from the borough, they didn’t accept the offer. My parents and I asked for my case to go back to the panel. We sent it back in for them to look at it again, but they sent it back saying no.

We then set up a meeting with them to discuss the possible solutions to allow me to receive my funding so I could go to National Star. This was a four-hour meeting where me, my mum and my dad were fighting my case to go to National Star and the reasons why I needed to go to college.

They were just trying to offer me local provisions as it would be easier and cheaper. However, they put in the funding again after the meeting but they refused it again. At this time, my parents and I were so angry that we threatened to take them to court. Thankfully, we found a solution before having to do that.

This made me feel relieved and happy that I knew what I was going to do and had something to focus on for the next few years. I was delighted because I was going to receive everything that I had hoped and dreamed for to allow me to become more independent, and I was able to look forward to meeting new people and making new friends.

Even now, in my second year, I wake up every day excited for what the day may bring to me and my independence. It has made me feel grown up and it allows me to think about my decisions and goals for myself. I love it here at National Star.

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