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Leaving a better environment for future generations is something we are passionate about. We are working together to help National Star become a net zero organisation.

Our achievements


Every year students and staff plant hundreds of native saplings in our grounds. We’re looking forward to watching them grow and seeing the insects, birds and mammals they support.


We encourage staff to make low-carbon energy choices. We promote car sharing and run a free staff mini-bus across Cheltenham and Gloucester. We also operate a cycle to work scheme.

Staff are also encouraged to use video conferencing to avoid travelling long distances for meetings. We ask staff to use public transport when they have to travel for work.

Paper usage

We manage our paper usage. We distribute handouts and other materials in digital format. We are also are reducing the amount of leaflets and printed materials produced by the charity.

Computer settings now ensure double-sided printing is the default option. Reusing envelopes/packaging rather than using new envelopes/packaging is helping too.

Energy and water usage

Biomass boilers provide a large proportion of the heat and hot water at Ullenwood.

Our new student accommodation will utilise solar energy. We also intend to fit solar panels to some of our older buildings.

We encourage staff and students to switch off lights and other equipment when they are not in use.


We promote the recycling of unwanted clothes and other items through our charity shops in Cheltenham, Gloucester and Hereford.

Read the National Star Sustainability Policy and discover more.

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