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Our people

Trio of images of staff using PPE
We have staff from more than 20 different countries, including Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Cyprus, Italy, Hungary, Poland and Zimbabwe working at National Star.

Whatever their background our staff bring unique insights into their roles and positively contribute a unique perspective to our charity. Meet some of our team members.

Kerry, Residential Manager

Kerry, manager at our long-term living provision at Ledbury Road, Hereford, loves the variety of her role and the positive contribution she is making to the lives of young people with complex disabilities. Watch Kerry’s story.

Hannah, Tutor at National Star in Wales

​Drama and theatre graduate Hannah, a key member of staff at National Star in Wales,  knew almost immediately that her future career lay in health and social care after working as a personal assistant to a young man with a disability after University. Find out more about Hannah’s career progression at National Star in Wales.

Catherine, Lead Nurse

Catherine is a senior nurse at National Star,  liaising with parents, carers, therapists, colleagues and learners in order to deliver a high standard of holistic and individualised medical care. Find out more about how Catherine makes a difference in her role at National Star.

Adam, Residential Manager

As a Residential Manager Adam’s goal aim is to ensure that a student’s experience of National Star is as good as it can possibly be.  When it’s time for them to leave, he’s proud to have helped them learn as many new skills as possible. Find out more about the key skills involved to become a residential manager.

John, Senior Driver

Students at National Star love to get our and about and many couldn’t do that without support from people like John, who works in our transport team at Ullenwood. Find out more about what attracted John to work at National Star.

Kinga, Senior Learning Support

When Kinga joined National Star little did she know that her role would result in her becoming an adult apprentice. Find out more about what training support was given to Kinga at National Star.

Zoe, Head of Registered Care

Zoe has been part of National Star’s residential services for more than 15 years and in 2019 she became Head of Registered Care. She is responsible for evaluating and implementing systems and practices to improve the services we deliver, providing support to Residential Managers and leading on recruitment and pre-entry assessments for potential learners. Find out more about what a typical day is like for Zoe at National Star.

Roxanne, Hereford Senior Facilitator

Roxanne worked in retail to work before supporting students at National Star in Hereford.  She loves the variety of her role and the fact that she can bring her own individual skills to the job. Find out more about what attracted Roxanne to the role of facilitator at National Star in Hereford.

Charlie, CPD Operations Manager

Charlie has been part of the National Star family since 2002. Discover what motivates her at work and how she inspires her colleagues to develop in their jobs. Find out more about Charlie’s role at National Star.



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