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Meet Hannah, Trainee Tutor and Facilitator

Hannah Bernard smiling stood next to a field of dandelions
Hannah now works as a Tutor at National Star in Wales.

Seeing students grow and develop

‘National Star opens up a world of opportunities for people with disabilities, building upon their skills and encouraging them to learn in a way that suits them,’ said Hannah.

‘It’s hugely motivating to know that I’m using my creativity to build students’ teamwork and social skills and overall self-confidence. For example, seeing students grow and develop through performing arts is amazing.

Teamwork as standard

‘The staff I work with are really supportive. There isn’t a hierarchy which is lovely. As a result, everyone respects each other and the expertise they bring to the team.’

As one of Mahmilad’s Welsh speakers Hannah weaves the Welsh language into all aspects of the curriculum. For instance, she starts each morning session with ‘bore da’ and routinely chats about the weather in Welsh. She enjoys taking the students to a weekly all ability dance session in Abergavenny and helping them to express themselves through movement.

Professional development encouraged

Hannah was encouraged to complete a fully-funded Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training as an evening course over 18 months. This has helped her to take an analytical and practical approach to all aspects of planning, delivering and assessing teaching and learning.

‘I’m grateful for the opportunity to further my professional development and am enjoying putting what I am learning into practice for the benefits of the students that I support,’ said Hannah, who was instrumental in helping to organise an Eisteddfod to showcase the talents of National Star students in Wales.

‘No two days are the same in my job and I absolutely love that. I’d encourage anyone to consider a job at National Star, because there’s so much variety and I go home every day feeling like I’ve made a positive, difference to students,’ added Hannah.

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