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Meet Charlie, Lead Assessor and Trainer

Charlie has been in the National Star family for twelve years. Originally a Facilitator at Wilson Court (one of our on-campus residences), she moved into the Continuing Professional Development team in 2005. In her role Charlie organises and delivers new staff induction training, and supports staff in their continued development, ensuring they stay up to date with legislation, policies and procedures.

What attracted you to National Star?

I was working in an elderly nursing home and wished to further develop my career. At the time I had a friend who worked at National Star who couldn’t speak more highly of the place. They encouraged me to apply, and I saw for myself that the charity offered more opportunities to develop my skills and knowledge than anywhere else.

What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

I have to wear so many different hats!  I’m not only a trainer across a huge range of subjects but an assessor for Levels 2, 3 and 5 in Health and Social Care and the Lead Internal Quality Assurer for the City and Guilds Centre for Health and Social Care. Externally, I also liaise with companies to deliver training to care homes and other establishments, offering Levels 2, 3 and 5 in Health and Social Care. All of these things mean that there’s always lots going on, so it’s important that I remain focused.

What are the key skills required for your role?

My qualifications include Levels 2, 3 and 4 in Health and Social Care and Leadership and Management, and the A1 and V1 assessors and verifiers awards to run the City and Guild Centre.  I also have the CTTLS teaching qualification. Most of these awards were obtained while at National Star.

I would say that the ‘softer skills’ my role requires are confidence (I have to stand up in front of people to deliver training), excellent communication skills that allow me to adapt training to the individual needs of different people and a competence in each of the subjects I deliver. It’s essential that I have a practical understanding of the tasks carried out in the workplace so that I can understand the people I am training – including their challenges and the environments they learn in.

How does your role make a difference at National Star?

From a staff point of view, I provide support, guidance and nurturing during their first three weeks at National Star.  Throughout their employment I also make sure that they attend training events, receive care audits and have moving and handling assessments. Additionally, when staff are working towards an accredited qualification, I can ensure the delivery of high quality training so that they can consistently work to an exceptional standard.

From an organisational point of view, my role ensures that National Star is seen as a quality care provider with the delivery of a high standard of training. I aim to ensure training delivered to external organisations is far above what they may have received in the past, enabling them to see for themselves the high quality of our provision.

What training and development have you received?

Since being at National Star, I have achieved CTTLS, Health and Social Care Level 4, a Leadership and Management award and the A1 and V1 assessors and verifiers awards.

What would you say to someone thinking of applying to National Star?

Apply, apply, apply!  Do it!  It is the best place to work.  Doors are open for career development all over the place, as well as the opportunity to learn a variety of transferable skills that can be used elsewhere in the organisation. National Star offers a variety of high quality training, so it is up to you to be motivated and enthusiastic to grasp them!

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