Kathryn’s legacy

When Kathryn Rudd, a former Principal of National Star, sadly passed away, it was her wish to leave a legacy to the charity that would celebrate and support young people with disabilities.

Kathryn Rudd smiling in garden

New resources, equipment and technologies can provide life–enhancing opportunities to people with disabilities, supporting their independence and ability to live their best lives. But, as Kathryn knew, these are often expensive and not available to everyone. The Kathryn Rudd Opportunity Fund will help realise her dream to level the playing field, providing new opportunities to those young people who would benefit from them.

‘I’ve seen directly the power of newly developed innovation and technology on the lives of young people and their families,’ said Kathryn.

‘National Star have a team of highly skilled specialists who work together with the young person and the technology to provide tailor–made solutions. They make the impossible possible.’

This blend of innovative technology and specialist know–how was demonstrated earlier this year when National Star trialled the InnowalkPro, a piece of physiotherapy equipment designed to improve the fitness of people with disabilities.

Physio Olivia and student Shannon using the Innowalk
Physio Olivia and student Aid using the Innowalk

For five weeks, National Star’s physiotherapy team worked with 30 students to test the machines, which work like a cross trainer for wheelchair users.

The students used the InnowalkPro for 30 minutes three to four times a week, and the impact on their mobility, strength and head control, as well as their energy levels, was significant.

One student was able to stand daily when he was unable to before, kick his legs with more strength when swimming and even begin walking to his pool sessions, managing 22 steps. Another was able to improve her posture within her wheelchair and her upper limb function. Other students experienced an improvement in their resting heart rate, reduced leg spasms and improved oxygenation to their muscles, supporting stamina and performance.

One student, who had previously felt unmotivated in physiotherapy sessions, commented: ‘I love this so, so, so much. I want to spend 9 hours in it.’

The money raised through the Kathryn Rudd Opportunity Fund will help National Star purchase life–changing specialist equipment like the InnowalkPro, ensuring that young people with disabilities have the chance to live their lives as independently as possible.

If you would like to leave a lasting legacy like Kathryn, please consider leaving National Star a gift in your Will. Telephone 01242 524478 to find out more. Donate to the Kathryn Rudd Opportunity Fund today.