Leaving a better environment for future generations is something we are passionate about. We are working together to help National Star become a net zero organisation.

Being responsible, sustainable and ethical to leave a better environment for future generations is something we are passionate about. Students, residents and colleagues are working together to help us become a net zero organisation.

We hold the Platinum level Green Impact award and are working towards our Gold level Hedgehog Friendly campus accreditation. Working with our colleague and student ‘green’ reps we are confident that this is an achievable ambition.

There are many green spaces in National Star, from the fields and orchard at Ullenwood, Wessington Court Farm at Hereford, to allotments, green roofs on residential buildings and the gardens at long-term living residences in Malvern, Cheltenham, Hereford and Gloucester. All are vital parts of a wider ecological network in the communities where we live, learn and work.

They help clean up our air, provide habitats for the species we all know and love, including hedgehogs, rabbits, birds, bees, and butterflies, and tackle extreme heat and flooding.

The charity is fortunate to have superb green spaces that we can all be part of and proud of. Our green spaces provide space to learn, exercise and socialise. They are essential for the health and well-being of our students, residents and colleagues as well as the planet.


Our achievements


Students, with the help of local businesses, Cotswold wardens and members of the local community have already planted more than 800 saplings in the grounds of our Ullenwood campus. Thanks to Gloucestershire County Council and The Woodland Trust for donating the saplings to support this initiative which is a great boost to biodiversity. We’re looking forward to watching them grow and enjoy the beauty that they will bring, as well as the amazing species of insects, birds and mammals the trees can support.
Photo of minibus with blue stickers featuring blind people, dog walkers, pregnant women and disabled people


We encourage staff to make low-carbon energy choices. We promote car sharing and run a free staff mini-bus across Cheltenham and Gloucester. We also operate a cycle to work scheme. Staff are also encouraged to use video conferencing to avoid travelling long distances for meetings. We ask staff to use public transport when they have to travel for work.
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Paper usage

We manage our paper usage. We distribute handouts and other materials in digital format. We are also are reducing the amount of leaflets and printed materials produced by the charity. Computer settings now ensure double-sided printing is the default option. Reusing envelopes/packaging rather than using new envelopes/packaging is helping too.
Green roof made of sedum

Energy and water usage

Biomass boilers provide a large proportion of the heat and hot water at Ullenwood. Our new student accommodation will utilise solar energy. We also intend to fit solar panels to some of our older buildings. We encourage staff and students to switch off lights and other equipment when they are not in use.
Photo of male and women's clothes at our Cheltenham charity shop


Staff and students are encouraged to recycle unwanted clothes and other items to be reused by others via National Star’s charity shops in Cheltenham, Gloucester and Hereford. By donating or buying from our charity shops we can avoid items going to thelandfill and instead recycle or reuse them for other purposes. This helps to reduce waste and promote sustainability across our college too. Staff and students take part in ‘Green Day’ every year to think about the environment and their impact upon it. Read the National Star Sustainability Policy and discover more about what we are doing to promote sustainable practices in all aspects of our charity.
The National Star Sustainability Policy

Hedgehog friendly campus

National Star students have worked hard towards achieving Gold level Hedgehog Friendly Campus accreditation. From encouraging staff to slow down for nocturnal hedgehogs crossing road on the Ullenwood campus at night, to installing lots of hedgehog houses and hedgehog habitats across National Star, students are playing their part in conserving this endangered species.

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