Occupational therapy

Our occupational therapists help students to become more independent in their lives.

Our occupational therapists help students to become more independent in their lives. For some young people that means developing the skills to decide whether it is safe to cross the road. Learning to follow timekeeping routines could help students to turn up to work on time in the future.

Maizie and Dan using smart fridge

Making everyday tasks easier to manage

The skills many of us take for granted make the biggest difference to students. For example, getting dressed, making a sandwich, or driving their power wheelchair. Our occupational therapists take time to learn about a student’s life, looking at each person as a whole. They then develop programmes to meet the individual needs of each student.

Occupational Therapy delivered at a time to suit the students’ needs

Flexibility is key to the success of our occupational therapy team. They aim to make therapy meaningful for each student. If a student loves to cook, they may use cooking to improve hand eye co-ordination. A student’s bird-watching hobby can help to improve fine-motor skills by filling bird feeders.

Wherever possible, students receive occupational therapy at times that suit them.

Occupational therapists work with students in their accommodation. They ensure that other staff understand what goals a student is working towards. Students learn in real-life situations wherever possible when shopping or eating out.

Postural support

Good posture can reduce pain or swallowing and breathing difficulties. Postural care is a round-the-clock need that we help with.

We assess equipment to help with posture. For example, sleep systems, chairs, wheelchairs and personal care equipment.

Life after college

Students plan for their life after college with help from our occupational therapists. We are available to provide advice and guidance on housing and disability adaptations. Students leave us with a programme to help them be as independent as possible.

Occupational therapy programmes include:

  • 24-hour support with posture
  • Independent skills
  • Wheelchair maintenance
  • Wheelchair driving
  • Support to build a life in the community
  • Travel training
  • Hand function
  • Sensory support
  • Supporting students with vision impairment
  • Work experience
  • Assistive technology and adaptive equipment

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