Student exceptional leave

In order for students to make the most of their time at National Star we expect them to have full attendance at college. However, we do understand, that due to illness or exceptional circumstances, parents or carers may need to request time away from college for their son or daughter. Please view our guidance and enter the form below.

Funding and absences

Funding for term time residential students includes the cost of staying at college at the weekends. National Star College is obliged to log and inform funding authorities of all absences. Your funding authority realises that some absence from college may be unavoidable (such as a hospital admission). However, regular or repeated absences may affect your funding and could affect your placement.

Authorised absences from college

Authorised absences from college include medical appointments and admissions, illness, occasional weekend leave and significant special occasions, such as a family wedding (a holiday is not considered a reason for an authorised absence). Requests for authorised absences will be considered on an individual basis, taking into account previous absence and the reason for the request.

Absence from college requires at least three days’ advance notice (except in emergency
situations), which must be approved. Contact your personal learning coordinator (PLC).

If you need help completing this form please contact your young person’s PLC.

Exceptional circumstances

We recognise that there may be other instances when an absence from college might be unavoidable. Please discuss and negotiate this with your PLC. These absences must be approved.

Requests for exceptional needs to be made as soon as possible via the form below.

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