Building a Brighter Future in Hereford Appeal

National Star in Hereford supports young people with disabilities to develop skills for a life after college. To support an increasing number of students we are looking to expand our facilities and we need to raise £450,000 to make that possible.

Staff and students smiling outside in the garden at the Eveson Centre
Male tutor smiling in the classroom with a female learner

National Star in Hereford supports young adults with disabilities to develop the skills for a life of independence after college.

Our team are all driven to enable every student to realise their potential.

One of the greatest challenges we face is our ability to provide the specialist environments that meet the needs of those with increasingly complex disabilities. We must continue to adapt and evolve to meet the needs of those who learn with us in Hereford, both now and into the future.

When we opened the Eveson Centre in 2020, we were supporting 30 students. Since then, our reputation for delivering high class specialist education has reached more families and young people allowing up to offer education and therapy services to 45 young people last year.

We’ve had to rent additional facilities to accommodate all the young people who wanted to study with us. This temporary solution is unsustainable. Long-term we know that our existing accommodation will begin affect the quality of the teaching and therapy services we can deliver.

Female student and female staff smiling
Female staff and male student taking part in physio session

Our future plans

That’s why we have launched plans to build a two-storey extension onto the current facilities at the Eveson Centre. Your support will help to provide:

  • Two bright new classrooms
  • Two extra personal care rooms
  • A multi-skills kitchen and communal space, equipped with hoists and ramps

We will also be making improvements to the existing space in the main building to accommodate more learners with a wide range of needs, safely and effectively. We are determined to ensure that every student who comes to National Star has the space to truly excel.

The construction costs of our exciting project will be £685,000 and we need to raise £450,000 to make that possible. Your support for this campaign today will help to build a brighter future for generations of young people with disabilities in Hereford, desperate to learn the skills needed for life after college.

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