Children’s menu

StarBistro's children's menu, served Monday - Friday 9am - 2.30pm.

Smaller Portions for Smaller People

Available Monday – Friday, 9am – 2.30pm

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Egg (E) on Toast (CG)(So)£2.50
Choose from fried, poached or scrambled (D), served on a piece of white or brown toast

Egg (E) and Soldiers (CG)(So) – £2.50
Soft boiled egg with white or brown ‘toast soldiers’

Sandwich (CG)(So) and crisps – £2.75
Choose from ham, cheese slice (D), ‘Sheese’ slice (V)(VG)(GF), strawberry jam or marmalade, on white or brown bread

Bread (CG)(So) and butter (D) or spread (V)(VG) – £0.75
Gluten Free (GF) bread is available on request, and we use a Sunflower Light vegetable spread on our toast and sandwiches

Chips and sauce – £1.75
A small bowl of chips served with plenty of tomato sauce or mayonnaise (D)(E)(Mu) on the side, perfect for dunking!
Vegan (V)(VG) mayonnaise available on request

Fish Fingers (F)(CG) and Chips – £4.50
Served with baked beans, garden peas or mushy peas

Sausage Pattie (CG) and Chips – £4.50
Served with baked beans, garden peas or mushy peas

Quorn Nuggets (V)(VG)(CG) and Chips – £4.50
Served with baked beans, garden peas or mushy peas

Juice carton – 80p
Choose from orange or apple

Why not play with some LEGO®? per set – £2.50
We have a wide selection of LEGO® sets available for all ages to build and they all come with some colouring sheets to take home or you can fill them in with our coloured pens and pencils

If you have any queries regarding your booking with us please contact us by phone: 01242 339988 or by email:

Reserve your table at StarBistro

Carer Aware Discount

StarBistro is now registered with Gloucestershire Carers Hub and we are offering a 10% discount on our breakfast, lite bites, lunch menu, beverages and cakes to all carers who produce an official card. Applies Monday – Friday. The discount does not apply to takeaway food and drink at StarBistro and any evening events held at StarBistro.

(Ce) Celery; (E) Egg; (D) Dairy including milk; (N) Nuts; (Mu) Mustard; (So) Soya; (CR) Crustaceans; (F) Fish; (Mo) Molluscs; (Pe) Peanuts; (Se) Sesame; (SuD) Sulphur Dioxide & Sulphites; (Lu) Lupin; (CG) contains Gluten; (V) Vegetarian; (VG) Vegan; (GF) Gluten Free

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