Welcome hedgehogs into your neighbourhood

Embrace hedgehogs in your area! Learn how to create hedgehog-friendly spaces, from highways to hibernation homes, and more.

  1. Create hedgehog highways in garden fences to connect your garden with your neighbours
  2. Set up escape routes out of ponds for hedgehogs – they like swimming but struggle to get out of ponds
  3. Create different habitats, for example, ponds, hedges and log piles to attract food for hedgehogs
  4. Build a hedgehog home so they have somewhere to hibernate over winter
  5. Let your grass grow wild (or even a section of it) to encourage the hedgehog’s prey. Check carefully before mowing or strimming areas.
  6. Set up a feeding station offering hedgehog food or kitten biscuits and water.
  7. Do not feed hedgehogs bread and milk as it will make them ill
  8.  Litter harms wildlife. Hedgehogs can also become entangled in garden netting.
  9. Keep drains covered as hedgehogs can fall into them and get stuck.
  10. Check bonfires before lighting them. If you can, rebuild them on the day it is to be lit.
  11. Keep your gardens green – paving and decking over gardens reduces hedgehog habitat.