Meet Thai

Occupational Therapy Degree Apprentice Thai first joined National Star as a care worker.

Thai in therapy session with male student

Occupational Therapy Degree Apprentice Thai first joined National Star as a care worker after having a successful career in retail.

Wonderful working environment

Thai got to know the charity through frequent visits to the charity’s social enterprise, StarBistro.

During Thai’s time as a care worker, he witnessed the positive impact that occupational therapy had on learners’ lives, which motivated him to pursue a career as an occupational therapy assistant.

Thai explains, “Occupational therapists work with individuals of all ages in various settings, such as physical rehabilitation, mental health, paediatrics, geriatrics, and community health. Their role is to assist individuals in overcoming barriers and challenges, enabling them to engage in the activities they desire and need to do.”

Supporting students

Occupational therapy encompasses all aspects of a person’s life. At National Star, occupational therapy plays a vital role in helping students improve their ability to perform daily tasks, manage chronic health conditions, and enhance overall well-being.

It can also help to develop co-ordination and fine motor skills to support a student’s independence.

Recognizing Thai’s potential, National Star supported him in completing qualifications in English and maths. Thai now is in his first year as an apprentice occupational therapy student at Coventry University.

“Working as an Occupational Therapy Assistant provided me with a great foundation to understand the essence of occupational therapy. I gained valuable insights into the skills required to become an occupational therapist and how to effectively support young people with disabilities in achieving their goals and aspirations,” Thai added.

Ten Occupational Therapy Assistants working at National Star in Ullenwood, Hereford and Wales. Many started life as care and support workers (facilitators) at National Star.