National Star Hereford Employees Brave Flames for Charity

A team of National Star in Hereford employees are among those taking part in an adrenaline-fuelled sponsored challenge.

By Matt Walsh · 01/03/2024

Photo collage - Alexandra and student in sensory room and fundraiser taking part in Firewalk

The 10 brave souls will join 20 others to take part in the National Star Firewalk taking place on Friday March 8 at Hereford Racecourse.

After undergoing some safety training, firewalkers will walk barefoot across 20 feet of embers burning up to an incredible 1236°F.

Alex Schofield, who works as an Occupational Therapist at National Star in Hereford, said she signed up for the challenge to do something exciting with her colleagues.

“The young people we work with face many struggles on a daily basis, and we work with them to develop those skills they need to make everyday living easier,” says Alex.

“I’m taking part in the challenge as a way of supporting them and making sure we can provide the best services and facilities for them to make the most of their time at National Star.”

National Star runs a day education centre at Ledbury Road as well as long-term living for a group of young adults with complex needs.

Another person who has signed up for the walk is Sarah Milliner who is celebrating her 40th birthday by completing 40 different things during the year.

“I’ve booked with a friend to do it and really looking forward to it,” said Sarah who works at The Helping Hand in Ledbury.

“Firewalking is a powerful tool to help transform fear and to inspire people to do things they didn’t think possible,” said Catrin Viveash, Head of Fundraising. “By taking part and raising vital funds these firewalkers will help change the lives of young people with complex disabilities.”

People can sign up on the day at 4pm at Hereford Racecourse. It costs £20 to register and firewalkers are asked to fundraise a minimum of £80. Sign up today.