Rules and regulations

StarGolf is the operating name of a par 3 golf course operated by National Star at Ullenwood, Cheltenham.

1. Introduction

National Star is a registered charity. We are driven by our vision for a world in which people with disabilities are able to realise their potential as equal and active citizens in control of their lives. This sits at the heart of everything we do, from the personalised and world-class learning we provide via National Star College to training, specialist services and our work in the wider community. All of this is underpinned by both our passion to enrich people’s lives and by our moral and statutory responsibilities. StarGolf is the operating name of a par 3 golf course operated by National Star at Ullenwood, Cheltenham. Its primary purpose is to:

  • Generate surplus funds to support the charitable objectives of National Star

In addition to this we aim to:

  • Provide an opportunity for the community to engage with National Star and support its work
  • Provide a course and facilities for golfers to enjoy the game of golf
  • Maintain the Ullenwood Estate setting

2. Rules of the game at StarGolf

The rules of the game will be those of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club at St Andrews with any local course rules determined by National Star.

3. Equality and diversity

StarGolf will play its part in making golf inclusive and aims to ensure that all people have a genuine and equal opportunity to participate in golf.

StarGolf adopts the principles of England Golf’s Equality and Diversity national policy that does not allow discrimination against anyone with any protected characteristics.

4. Access to StarGolf and security

Entrance to the golf course is from the A436 ONLY and the main National Star entrance must NOT be used unless you are advised to do so. Cars should be parked within the StarGolf car park and are parked at the owner’s risk. Please note that when leaving StarGolf you should turn left onto the A436.

National Star works with people with disabilities, enabling them to live their lives independently and to the full. National Star and StarGolf are working names of National Star Foundation, a charity registered in England and Wales number 220239.

Other than the golf course, players should not venture into other areas of National Star’s grounds. Please note: National Star may request StarGolf members’ car registration details to assist with overall site security and use CCTV to help keep its site and property secure. Members and players are advised to leave the exit by turning left only.

Please be aware that National Star works with a number of potentially vulnerable young adults. In the event that any students enter the golf course, please be sensitive to the sometimes hidden nature of some disabilities. Please follow the instructions of any member of National Star staff.

5. Course opening times

The course is open for bookings from 30 minutes after sunrise through to 90 minutes before sunset or at the times indicated on the noticeboard. From time to time the whole course or parts of the course may be closed and notices about this will be placed on National Star’s website, noticeboard and in the StarGolf hut.

6. Golf etiquette

Players are expected to observe normal golf etiquette and in all cases let quicker players through immediately, keep noise to a minimum, not leave litter and refrain from disturbing other players or National Star students and staff. Players must follow the instruction of StarGolf Grounds staff and wait if grounds work is being undertaken before playing through.

No more than four “practice” balls should be played from any one tee to preserve the ground for other golfers.  Groups of four should be the maximum playing any one hole and each player should have their own set of clubs and bag to use.

7. Membership

Use of the golf course at StarGolf is by payment of a green fee (‘Pay and Play’) or through subscription membership.

Membership of StarGolf allows subscribers to play golf at Ullenwood Manor Golf Course without having to pay an additional green fee. Membership of StarGolf is available for any one of the following categories:

  • 7 day member – Anyone between 19 to 65 years of age can play any day of the week
  • 5 day member – Anyone between 19 to 65 years of age can play Monday to Friday
  • Senior citizen 7 day member – Anyone over 65 years of age can play any day of the week
  • Senior citizen 5 day member – Anyone over 65 years of age can Monday to Friday
  • Junior member – Anyone between 8 and under 12 years of age can play any day of the week. Junior members need to play with a paying adult
  • Youth member – Anyone between 13 to 18 years of age can play any day of the week. Youth members need to play with a paying adult

The annual subscription of members in the various categories will be determined by National Star and will be reviewed on an annual basis.

StarGolf issues tags to those paying annual memberships, which authorises them to play the golf course without a green fee and to use the golf hut.

Tag holders’ memberships are payable annually from 1st September of each year. Memberships should be ordered through the StarGolf website For those without internet access payment can be made by card at StarBistro which is open Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm

The coloured tags that are issued – blue for full membership and red for 5 day membership – remain the property of National Star and must be returned on leaving the membership. They are not transferrable and must be visible at all times. Evidence of annual StarGolf membership or a green fees receipt may be requested at any time by any member of National Star Grounds staff or other members of staff.

Guests of tag holders must pay the standard green fee.

StarGolf is affiliated to England Golf through the Gloucestershire Golf Union.

8. Application for membership

A person wishing to join as a member must submit an application form available on the StarGolf website:

9. Rights of membership

Membership of StarGolf only allows the member the right to access the grounds of StarGolf and use the course in accordance with the rules, and they are subject to restrictions and charges as National Star may enforce or impose. It does not give any member of any category any right or claim to any monies, property or assets of StarGolf or National Star.

10. Insurance

Whilst National Star carries Public Liability Insurance in respect of its own third party risks relating to injury and damage, injuries to players caused by other players and their equipment and golf balls are not covered.

All players are strongly advised to ensure that they are adequately covered by their own insurance to cover their third party insurance liability risks.

11. Alcohol on the course

Alcohol or drugs are not permitted to be consumed on the golf course by golfers at any time. However,for golf events alcohol may be permitted in the car park and in the vicinity of the golf hut with prior agreement with National Star and subject to National Star licensing arrangements.

12. Steering Group

The activities of National Star’s golf course will be co-ordinated by a Steering Group (the make up to be determined by National Star), currently consisting of Head of Social Enterprise (Chair), Director of Services, Head of Building and Site Services, Head Grounds Person, StarGolf Grounds Person, and an invited member of StarGolf.

13. Scope of the Steering Group

  • The Steering Group has delegated authority on behalf of National Star to make decisions. The Steering Group will have the following authority:
  • To make, amend and repeal rules and regulations for the running and affairs of StarGolf
  • To consider and approve existing notices and additional or commercial signage positioned on the course or within the golf hut
  • To maintain the golf course in an acceptable playing condition for StarGolf members and other users

The Steering Group will meet once every four months, or more often if required.

14.  Golf Societies

National Star welcomes golf societies and will organise a number of open and county card competitions through the year.

15. Misconduct of members

If any StarGolf members or other Pay and Play users are subject to or witness any breach of our rules or other inappropriate behaviour, this should be reported to the Membership Officer by telephone on 01242 527631 or by email at

If any StarGolf members or other Pay and Play golfers are found by National Star to:

  • Have committed any wilful breach of StarGolf’s rules and regulations
  • Be guilty of improper, dishonest or unworthy conduct
  • Fail to make payments of monies due to StarGolf after due notice
  • Be guilty of conduct unbecoming or prejudicial to the values of National Star, whether within StarGolf grounds or outside them

Whilst it is hoped not to have to use these sanctions, in the event of any of the breaches above, National Star reserves the right to:

  • Ask any golfer to leave the golf course immediately when requested to do so
  • Ask any golfer to change their behaviour
  • Withdraw any or all rights and benefits of membership for a period of time to be determined by National Star
  • Request a member in writing to resign, and if they fail to resign, within 30 days of the date of such a request, to cancel membership
  • Request a member in writing to meet with a staff member of StarGolf to explain his or her conduct and should such member fail to appear when called upon, to cancel membership
  • Ban any former StarGolf Members or other Members of the Public from StarGolf and National Star property.

16. Exercise of powers

In exercising any of the sanctions above, National Star management will be bound by the following provisions:

  • Any action taken by a representative of National Star will not entitle any member to a refund in either part or whole of any subscription or green fee which has been paid
  • No membership will be revoked without the member having been given an opportunity for him or her to meet with a representative of National Star to explain his or her conduct
  • All communications under the direction of National Star and a StarGolf member will be confirmed in writing

17. Right of appeal

Any member who has been reprimanded or had their membership cancelled by National Star will have the right to appeal against the decision in writing within one month of the decision.

Such a meeting will be convened without delay after the member concerned has notified in writing his or her wish to appeal.

Where an appeal has been lodged in respect to any decision made by National Star, any access to the course will remain suspended until the appeal decision of the Director of Services.

A meeting convened to hear an appeal will have the power to confirm, revoke or vary the decision of the Head of Social Enterprise.